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Assessment Answers

When answering questions on an assessment, the assignee will begin with the first question and proceed through the other questions. For each question, choose an Answer from a drop-down or multiple choice list. Optionally, add Notes, Attachments, and Tasks.

Information about the Rule and Question Reference is found at the bottom of each question page.

Click the Next button at the bottom of the page to proceed to the next question. To go back to the previous question, click the Prev button. Click the Rule Reference tab to see more information.

In the upper-right corner of the page, a Progress indicator can be found along with links to Skip the Next Unanswered question and Save and Exit.

Manage attachments

To add an attachment, click the Manage Attachments link (beneath Notes) to display a popup to which you can drag-and-drop files from your computer or click the Choose a file button to choose specific files.

Create a task that corresponds to an assessment question

Sometimes it is best to create a task that relates to an assessment question. To create a task from the question page, hover over and click the small Tasks drop-down arrow (below Attachments). Click Create a task to display a popup form for creating the task. Type a Description, complete the form and click the Submit button. A task link will appear in the Tasks section.

Add a comment

Add a comment at the bottom of any question pageā€”in the Conversation section. Type in a comment and click the Post button.

View and navigate to upcoming questions

Locate the Go To Question section on the right side of the page. Use the small vertical scroll bar to view upcoming questions. Click a link to navigate directly to a question.

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