ComplyAssistant Support

Conduct a Mobile Audit


  1. Open ComplyAssistant on your mobile device.   
  2. Enter the Subdomain of your account. The subdomain is given to you when you signup, and can be found in your signup emails or your account URL:
  3. Enter your Username and Password. 
  4. Tap Login.

Setup The Audit

New trial audit accounts are set up with a facility for your organization and an audit template for random facility walkthrough audits.  You can add Departments and Facilities in the mobile app.  To add new audit definitions, you must log in to the web app. 
  1. Choose a Facility from the scroll list or Type a New Facility
    1. To add a new Facility, type the name of the new Facility in the New Facility Text Box, and tap the icon. 
  2. Tap Continue.
  3.  Choose a Department from the scroll list or Type a New Department.
    1. To add a new Department, type the name of the new Department in the New Department Text Box, and tap the icon. 
  4. Choose an Audit Definition from the scroll list.
  5. Tap Continue.

Conduct the Audit

  1.      The walkthrough list is broken down by statement type. By default, the statement types are:
    1.  Administrative
    2. Building
    3. Electronic
    4. Hardcopy
    5. Physical
    6. Verbal
  2. Tap a statement you'd like to mark as Conformity, Exception, or NA.
    1.  - The statement is in Conformity.
    2.  - The statement has an exception.
    3.  - The statement is not applicable.
  3. Type a Comment.
  4. Tap the Conformity, Exception, or NA icon.
One statement can have many exceptions found, but you can only mark a statement as conformity or NA one time.

Add an Image to a Statement

  1. Tap a Statement.
  2. Tap Add Image.
  3. Align the photo and tap the Camera Icon.

Remove an Image from a Statement

  1. Tap a Statement with an Image.
  2. Tap Remove Image.

View and Edit Current Walkthrough

  1.  From the Statement Selection Screen, tap View Current.
  2. Scroll through the current walkthrough and Tap a Statement.
  3. From here, you can:
    1. Edit the comment.
    2. Change whether it's Conformity, NA, or Exception.
    3. Remove an image.
    4. Delete the statement from the current walkthrough.
  4. To save the changes, tap the Conformity, Exception, or NA icon.

Submit the Audit

  1. From the Statement Selection Screen, tap Submit.
  2. Review the details.
  3. Tap Submit.
  4. If there are images, you will receive an image upload progress bar.
  5. The walkthrough audit is now submitted, and you can view the audit via the ComplyAssistant web app.

Manage the Completed Audit and Assign Action Items

  1. Open a web browser on your desktop or laptop computer.
  2. Enter your account's ComplyAsssistant URL. account URL:
  3. Enter your Username and Password. 
  4. Tap Login.
  5. Click Audits in the main header.
  6. Here you will see a list of audit reports submitted. 
  7. Click the audit report submitted.
  8. Assign a task to a walkthrough statement by clicking the dropdown context menu in the upper right corner of a walkthrough statement. 

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