Contract Settings

Contract Settings

These settings give you the ability to create a default profile for all contracts and also manage  different contract types. To access contract settings, click Account Settings in the upper-right corner of the page, and then click Contract Settings.

Default profile 

Click the Update Default Profile link on the right side of the page to edit the contract settings that other contracts can inherit.

Choose the Contract owner, which Users are to be notified, and specify the Notification window. There are also many Review Task settings that you can configure.

Click Save to commit your changes. When creating a new contract without specifying any contract type, the settings from the default profile will prepopulate in that contract.

Contract Type Profiles

You can create a variety of different contract types, and later choose a specific contract type to apply to a new contract. There is a Contract Types Profiles section on the Contract Settings page.

To create a new contract type, click the Add Contract Type link to display a popup window. Type in the name of the new contract type and click Submit to go to Contract Type page.

To edit an existing contract type, simply click the Contract Type name in the list.

The settings for a contract type are identical to those in the default profile. Remember to click Save to commit your changes.

When creating or editing a contract, you can choose a contract Type from the drop-down.

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