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Create and send an Assessment

Question Library: a questionnaire or set of questions that can be re-used across many assessments.
Assessment definition: a definition of the category, priority, frequency, and the questions to be assigned.

Create an Assessment Definition

To create your first assessment definition, your account must have question libraries ( link to how to create question libraries ) created or granted.  Contact us if you would like to use one of our pre created question libraries.  
  1. Click the Assessments function (  ) in the main header navigation.
  2. Click Create New Definition ) in the action box.
    1. Name your assessment definition in the "Name" field.
    2. Describe your assessment definition in the "Description" field
    3. Decide whether this assessment should recur with the "Frequency" field.
    4. Choose a priority with the "Priority" field.
    5. Choose the compliance Categories.  
Only question libraries of the selected categories will be accessible for this assessment definition.
                 6. Click Submit

      4.  Choose question libraries from the dropdown and select questions from the chosen question libraries.
      5. Click Submit
Assign the Assessment
  1. Click Start an Assessment on the first assessment page.  ()
  2. Choose your Assessment Definition.
  3. Choose a Location,  Third Party, or Software Resource where you will be assessing.
  4. Click Assign Assessment.
  5. The software will scroll to your newly created assessment.
  6. Hover over the newly created assessment and click on the Context Menu dropdown.
  7. Click on Choose Assignees.
  8. Choose Assignees.
  9. Choose a due date.
  10. Click Submit
At this point, you've created your assessment definition, you've assigned it, and the assignees will be notified by email. 

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