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Create a question library

A question library is a set of questions that can be reused across many assessments. A question may also feature a question reference and question mapping.

Types of question libraries:

  • System defined — you can use any of these libraries or clone a library and modify it.

  • User defined 

  • Import your own

  • Create a custom library

Only account administrators or users granted access to the question library administration section can add question libraries.

Follow these steps to create a question library:

  1. Hover over Account Settings.

  2. Click Question Libraries.

  3. Click New Question Library in the action box.

  4. Name your question library in the Name field.

  5. Describe your question library in the Description field.

  6. Choose a compliance Category.

  7. Click the Submit button.

A new page will appear that describes the new question library. On this page, you can add questions, edit the question library summary information, clone the library and export the library to several different formats.

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