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Create question libraries

Question libraries are questionnaires or set of questions that can be re-used across many assessments definitions.

Only account administrators or users granted access to the question library administration section can add question libraries.

To create a question library:

  1. Hover over Account Settings.
  2. Click Question Libraries.
  3. Click New Question Library in the action box.
  4. Name your question library in the Name field.
  5. Describe your question library in the Description field.
  6. Choose a compliance Category.

To add questions:

  1. Click Add Questions.
  2. Input your question in the Question field.  
    1. You can add basic visual styling using the text controls above the text input. 
  3. To relate this rule to regulatory content, click select a rule.  
When a question has content linked, ComplyAssistant collects answers into your account's Regulation Management function. Also, the user interface will provide a regulatory reference when the user is answering the question.
  1. Choose an Answer Type.
    1. Yes No Partial NA Don't Know
    2. Free Answer: The user can provide their answer.
    3. Yes No NA Don't Know
    4. Checklist: You can create a list of answers that can be checked off.
    5. Multiple Choice: You can create a list of answers where one will be selected.
    6. True or False: The user will be asked True or False.
    7. Yes No: The user will be asked Yes or No.
    8. Agree Disagree: The user will be asked if they Agree or Disagree.
    9. Yes Yes with CCW No NA Not Tested
    10. Yes No Alternate Response
  2. Check Conditional Logic if you'd like this question to fork to a different path on specific answers. Note: ComplyAssistant will allow you to add questions to the branch when adding your next question.
    1. Check the conditional answers that will trigger the question branch.
  3. Add optional Reference Text. ComplyAssistant will provide the reference text to the user answering the question.
  4. Add optional Reference Links. These are optional internet references that ComplyAssistant will provide to the user answering the question.
  5. Click Submit. 

Move, Edit, and Add New Questions

  1. You can change the order of the question by clicking and dragging the Move icon .
  2. You can edit the question by clicking the Edit icon .
  3. You can delete the question by clicking the Delete icon.
  4. You can add another question by clicking Add a Question Here.

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