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Mobile App Overview and App Setup

The ComplyAssistant Mobile app is a convenient tool for supporting an audit walkthrough statement.

Prerequisite: Create an Audit Definition in the Web App

To use ComplyAssistant Mobile, you must have an audit definition defined with walk-through statements.  You can create an audit definition in the web application.

Free trial accounts will come prepackaged with our "Random Facility Walkthrough Audit." 

Get the Mobile App and login

Follow these steps to get the app and login:

  1. In either the Apple App Store or Google Play, search for “ComplyAssistantMobile” and then download the ComplyAssistant app to your mobile device.

  2. Tap to open the app.

  3. Enter your Account subdomain of your account. The subdomain is provided to you in your sign up confirmation email message. It is also shown in the URL when you login to the desktop app:

  4. Enter your Username and Password.

  5. Tap Login.

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