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Introduction to ComplyAssistant

A modern organization cannot afford to focus only on compliance. It is necessary to create and maintain a strategy that includes governance, risk and compliance (GRC). ComplyAssistant enables organizations to easily compile and review data that guides the critical decision-making that supports its governance goals.

With ComplyAssistant, you can:

  • Manage third-party vendor risk assessments

  • Manage HIPAA and other types of regulation compliance

  • Easily document and highlight areas of risk

  • Manage risk mitigation tasks and projects

  • Manage by exception

  • Manage compliance and maturity levels throughout your organization

  • Use intuitive dashboards to report progress to a multi-disciplinary governance committee

  • Demonstrate due-diligence using a single-source repository for all regulation documents

  • Perform mobile audits across your entire organization

  • Quickly add and manage new users, and add users to groups

  • Monitor and audit trends across your entire organization

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