Login Settings

Login Settings

Two-factor authentication

Enable two-factor authentication to require all users to enter a numeric code at each login. The user decides if s/he wants to receive the code in a mobile phone text message or email message.


Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) is a login standard that helps users access applications based on sessions in another context. It’s a single sign-on (SSO) login method offering more secure authentication (with a better user experience) than usernames and passwords.

Enable SAML Single-On to use this login method for all users. The Identity Provider Configuration provides details necessary for SAML authentication. You’ll need to retrieve these two items from your identity provider to complete the configuration:

  • Target URL — This is the URL that the identity provider uses for sign-in requests. It is the end point to which the service provider sends its SAML authentication request and the point at which the user is authenticated.

  • Certificate Fingerprint — The fingerprint is exchanged between the sender and the receiver and is configured on the receiving end. It uniquely identifies a certificate with the public key that the sender uses to sign the SAML messages that it sends.

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