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Manage an assessment

Switch between Locations and Definitions views

At the top of the Assessment page, click on the Locations button to view assessments according to location. Click the Definitions button to view assessments that correspond to each definition. 

Export an assessment

Use the links on the right side of the assessment detail page to export the assessment definition to PDF, XLS, or CSV format.

Delete an assessment 

To delete an assessment, locate the assessment on the Assessment page, hover over and click the small drop-down arrow for the assessment, and then click Delete. In the popup alert window, click OK to confirm.

Rate the assessment on the report

ComplyAssistant provides easy-to-use features for rating an assessment. This is done on the Assessment Report. 

To access the report, locate the assessment on the Assessment page. Hover over the assessment link and click the small drop-down arrow to display a menu. Click View Report to display the report page for this assessment.

Editing question elements directly in the report

To edit a question directly from the report, hover over the answer for a question and then click the small pencil icon. 

Comments and Email Notifications

At the bottom of each question section, you can post comments. Click the small drop-box arrow for Email Notifications and check/uncheck the boxes to specify which users will get email notifications of new comments.

Rating the Risk and Documented evidence

For each question, choose a Risk rating and indicate the extent of Documented Evidence.

Summary for Answers and Documented Evidence

At the top of the page, click the Questions & Answers tab to see charts that categorize the answers and the evidence.

Rule Risk Breakdown

At the top of the page, click the Rule Risk Breakdown tab to see the progress on completing the ratings.


From the drop-downs, choose whether to display Notes or Attachments. Uncheck boxes to exclude information such as comments, tasks, and guidance. This can be helpful in reducing the size of any export for this report.

Export the report

At the top-right of the page, links are available to export either a Summary or full report to a PDF, XLS (Excel), or CSV file.

Publish the review

Click this link to lock the ratings so that the assignee may no longer modify the assessment. 

NOTE: Administrators are able to unlock the assessment but other users cannot do so.

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