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Manage user access permissions with groups

You can create sets of user authorization rules with Groups.  Groups define sets of functions, locations, and categories that users added to the group will be able to access.

Only account administrators can add groups.

To create a user group:

  1. Hover over Account Settings. 
  2. Click Groups. 
  3. Click New Group in the action box. 
  4. Name the group
  5. Add a Function to the user group.

Your account may not have access to all of these functions. You can only grant functions that are included in your license.

    1. Assessments
    2. Audits
    3. Contract management
    4. Documentation
    5. Events
    6. Risk management
    7. Tasks
    8. Categories admin
    9. Contract settings admin
    10. Dynamic content admin
    11. Categories admin
    12. Contract settings admin
    13. Dynamic content admin
    14. Hardware resources admin
    15. Job titles admin
    16. Locations admin
    17. Question libraries admin
    18. Software resources admin 
    19. Sub accounts
    20. Third parties admin
    21. Users admin
  1. For each function chosen, check the following permission:
    1. Read - Grants the read access for the function.
    2. Update - Grants the update permission for the function.
    3. Create - Grants the create permission for the function.
    4. Delete - Grants the delete permission for the function.
  2. Choose categories the group authorizes.
  3. Choose locations.
    1. If you choose no locations, the group effectively does not restrict locations.
  4. Click Submit.

To assign users to groups:

  1. Hover over Account Settings. 
  2. Click Groups. 
  3. Click Assign Users in the group's dropdown menu.
  4. Select or remove users.

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