Setup the Audit

Setup the Audit

New trial audit accounts are set up with a facility for your organization and an audit template for random facility walkthrough audits.  You can add Departments and Facilities in the mobile app.  To add new audit definitions, you must log in to the web app.

Follow these steps to setup a walkthrough audit on your mobile device:
  1. Choose a Facility from the scroll list, or add a new facility. To add a new facility, simply type the name of the New Facility and tap the + button.

  2. Tap Continue.
  3. If available, choose a Department from the scroll list or add a new department. To add a new department, simply type the name of the New Department and tap the + button.
  4. Next, scroll through the list and choose an Audit Definition.

    Only the definitions that have walkthrough statements appear on the mobile app.

  5. Tap Continue.

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