Sub Accounts

Sub Accounts

Subaccounts provide a means for consulting companies or service providers to have one account for each of the clients.

New Sub Account

Click Sub Accounts on the left side of the page to open and, on the Sub Accounts page, click the New Sub Account link on the right side of the page. 


On the next page, enter the Name and Subdomain, then click Submit.

Click a sub account in the list to see the details page. Click the + New User button in the upper-right corner and complete the form in the popup window. To deactivate a subaccount, click the small drop-arrow button and then click Deactivate.

The Permissions tab displays all the active permissions for this sub account. The permissions are grouped into a number of categories. Hover over a category to display a small pencil icon, and click this icon to display a popup window. 


In the popup window, you can delete and add permissions.

Take time to explore the Sub Accounts tab on the Dashboard. Click a sub account link to open the Dashboard for that sub account. 

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