Overview of tasks

Overview of tasks

To access all existing tasks, click the Task menu at the top of the page.

Task groups

ComplyAssistant organizes your tasks in task groups. These are either user-made groups or groups made by ComplyAssistant to organize tasks around other compliance items in the application. When creating a task, you can choose an existing task group or create a new one. 

Types of tasks 

You can create tasks in various places through the application. All of these tasks will be accessible in the Tasks page.

  • Assessments — By assigning an internal assessment, ComplyAssistant creates a task representing the action to complete it.

  • Assessment Answers — When viewing the report of an assessment, you can create a task by clicking Create Task in the dropdown menu found in the answer's task section. You can also create a task when answering a question

  • Events: When viewing an assessment, you can create a task by clicking Task Event in the Action Box.

  • Regulation Management: When viewing a rule in regulation management, you can create a task by clicking Add Task in the Action Dropdown Menu.

  • Audits: When viewing an audit, you can create a Task by clicking Assign Audit in the Action Box. This task will require the assignee to add a report upon completion.

  • Audit Reports: When viewing an audit report, you can create a Task by clicking Task Audit Report in the Action Box

  • Documentation: When viewing a document, you can create a Task by clicking Task Document in the Action Box.

  • Contracts: Contracts support general tasks as well as administrator-defined workflow tasks. When viewing a contract, you can add a general task by clicking General Task Contract in the Action Box. See the Contracts section in the knowledge base for the description on how to set up workflow tasks. 

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